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If You Don't Have One You'll Never Understand

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If You Don't Have One You'll Never Understand
Boston, the gentleman's dog, have a personality all their own. If you know you know!

SC/HDC/ESC 150 x 160

*40" x 43" with gauge of 3.7 stitches per inch.
*Finished size depends on your gauge.

Each block includes:
1 large graph,
Sectional graphs,
Material List
Written pattern
Color block pattern
• This Pattern is Written For Crochet, but can be used for cross stitch, plastic canvas, beading, or other crafts that use picture grids.
• This document will not teach you crochet or the other aforementioned techniques. It contains a pattern only.
• Finished size depends on gauge. To determine your gauge, crochet a swatch and measure how many stitches it takes to make an inch. Multiply your desired size by the number of stitches you made in an inch. Example: for 94" King @ 3 stitches per inch (94 x 3) means you need a pattern that is 282 wide or one you could add border to to achieve desired size. Repeat math for height.
• This document is designed so that it can easily be printed off in sections.
• This document is compatible with Crafty Graph's Crocheter program.
• No refunds or return. PDF downloadable immediately upon payment.
• You may sell products you create with this pattern however you cannot Sell, Copy or Share the pattern itself.
• Your finished size will vary based upon your hook size, yarn, stitch technique used and your tension.
You will get a PDF (451KB) file